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Registration Desk

Small group meets prior to Symposium opening

Enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet

Getting oriented

Breakfast buffet

TAN President Nancy Christie opens the day's events

Panel No. 1: Chair Sandra Kerr, Bob Goddard, JoAnn Wilton, Barry Everatt

Nancy Christie

Sandra Kerr

Bob Goddard

Audience shot

Audience shot

Audience shot

Question from the audience

Panel No. 2: Madeleine Nevins, Madeline Grant, Gina Barber

Chair Sheilagh Hickie

Madeleine Nevins

Madeline Grant

Gina Barber

Lunch in a box

Panel No. 3: Joan Briant, Martha Wall, Susan Booth

Chair Charlotte O'Dea

Joan Briant

Chair Charlotte O'Dea

Martha Wall

Susan Booth

Panel No. 3 Chair: Jim Pike

Rosanne Bernard

Norbert Pirk

Panel No. 4: Ric Hillyer, Rosanne Bernard and Norbert Pirk